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11 Online Games Like Cookie Clicker

Posted 5 years ago in Gaming by Team

Games like Cookie Clicker

This top 11 list will cover our favorite incremental games that are similar to cookie clicker. We will count down the top 11 picks from around the web that are all free to play online. Each game forces you to click click click and then purchase upgrades which will allow you to idle the game and watch as you earn more points.

  • 11 Bonfire Idle

    Bonfire Idle

    Build a huge bonfire in this incremental style game. This is our first recommendation to games like Cookie Clicker. Keep reading for more!

  • 10 Poop Clicker

    Poop Clicker

    A very funny game where you need to click on poo! While the concept may be gross I can bet you will play until you purchase all of the poopy upgrades.

  • 9 Doge Miner

    Doge Miner

    If you are unfamiliar with the Doge meme or better yet the bitcoin spin off Doge Coin, then you must be new to the internet! This game takes things to a new level with clicking action. Mine and buy new upgrades then idle your screen and see how much gold you can earn.

  • 8 Overlod


    Be an evil villain in this game that is sort of like our famous Cookie Clicker. By henchman and bosses to beat the hero in the game.

  • 7 Loot Clicker

    Loot Clicker

    Time to earn some loot!

  • 6 Idle Web Tycoon

    Idle Web Tycoon

    One of my favorite incremental games which adds in some business style game play to the clicking fury.

  • 5 Learn to fly idle

    Learn to fly idle

    The famous penguin from the Learn to Fly series is now featured in an idle style game! While you do not click on any cookies you will surely enjoy this one.

  • 4 Planet Creator

    Planet Creator

    Click to create a solar system in this clicking game

  • 3 Candy Clicker

    Candy Clicker

    Yummy! click on the lollipop and purchase to delicious upgrades. The only other food themed game on this list so we put it at number 3.

  • 2 Clicking Bad

    Clicking Bad

    Breaking Bad meets cookie clicker. Purchase supplies and then sell your blue meth as you try not to get caught by the fuzz.

  • 1 A Dark Room

    A Dark Room

    Our number 1 takes place in a spooky dark room. Click around and buy upgrades to try to turn some lights on.

Even more games

Browse our Idle games for new incremental games added regularly. You will find even more games just like Cookie Clicker there.

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