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9 Card Games Like Hearthstone

Posted 5 years ago in Gaming by Team

Games like Hearthstone

All of the games are playable either online, in an app or through a downloadable client. Blizzards Hearthstone has risen in popularity and is currently one of the most play games on Here are some games that are similar, and may save you a few dollars as they are not as aggressive on there in app purchases as Hearthstone is.

  • 1 Magic 2015

    Magic 2015

    One of the greatest card games ever is online and better then ever! Trade your favorite cards and compete against players in real time.

  • 2 Pokemon TCG Online

    Pokemon TCG Online

    Everyones favorite childhood card game is online. Collect all of the creatures and trade with your friends. Enter the arena and earn points as you beat opponents.

  • 3 Ederon


    Extremely fun card game with simply game play and mechanics.

  • 4 Might and magic Duel of Champions

    Might and magic Duel of Champions

    An old game with a great style of art and unique game play. This is not available on iPhone or android but you can play online for free.

  • 5 Castle Siege Game

    Castle Siege Game

    Play your cards and take siege of the castle. A free online flash game where you can not collect cards or even play against opponents.

  • 6 Castle Wars 2

    Castle Wars 2

    Play your dragons, knights and spells to take over your enemies castle.

  • 7 Yugioh Bam

    Yugioh Bam

    Another childhood favorite is Yugioh. Collect cards and compete in the dungeon in one of the best Yugioh online card games.

  • 8 Tyrant


    Another Kongregate favorite which allows you to collect new cards and challenge everyone around the world.

  • 9 Kongai


    The original Kongregate card game allow you to collect new cards and battle against other Kong players.

While these games do not match up to the popularity of Hearthstone they are full of strategy, great card art and hours of fun. Make sure to follow us on all social media and join us for the next games like list.

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