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Best Online Games Week 1

Posted 5 years ago in Gaming by Team

List of our favorite games from September 21st 2014

This is our first week showing off our favorite online games. We cover new games posted from September 21-26 2014. We play games from all around the web and try to feature the best of the best. Please leave us feedback so we can improve our submission.

  • 5 Shark Lifting

    Shark Lifting

    Mausland seems to have a fascination with sharks. They brought us New York Shark and Miami Shark (among others) and now you have to quickly lift this shark as fast as you can! Short and sweet this game will draw your attention and keep you playing until you lift that 200 pounder.

  • 4 Die Hipster

    Die Hipster

    An ironic game about a hipster. Collect items and drink PBR as you talk to strangers. Legally kill the hipster to complete the game.

  • 3 Bendy Spidey

    Bendy Spidey

    A very simple time waster that takes me back to the old flash gaming days.

  • 2 Super Rally Challenge 2

    Super Rally Challenge 2

    Usually I skip racing games but this time is different! Yes we did release this game exclusively to our site so we may be a bit bias. But serious this is one of the first racers that I played until the end. Complete all of the tracks and upgrade your car to 100% to enjoy this drifting style racer.

  • 1 Binary System

    Binary System

    Our favorite game this week takes place in outer space! Take control of a binary solar system as you collect stars and avoid asteroids. Very simple game play with great mechanics and an ass kicking art style. A simple concept that builds on top of itself and becomes extremely hard and frustrating as you advance.

That's It!

Join us next week for 5 brand new games.

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