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Best Party Games on Android

Posted 5 years ago in Gaming by Team

Play against friends!

Having some friends over and want to try a new and unique party game for you all to enjoy? Here we count down our top 10 favorite party games you can play via local multiplayer. If you have a recommendation feel free to contact us as we will expand on the list as time goes by. This list contains android games you can play with friends in the same room, android drinking games and more!

  • 10 Power Hour Anywhere App

    Power Hour Anywhere App

    Choose your own playlist and this app will handle the rest. Gather all of your friends together for some pre gaming power hour drinking fun.

  • 9 Phrase Party

    Phrase Party

    A party game built around phrases!

  • 8 4 Player Reactor

    4 Player Reactor

    Test your reactions as you challenge up to four players to a game of wit and fast reflexes. Great as a bar game, ice breaker or to decide who has to take out the trash. Simply smack your phone and see who wins. (Maybe you shouldn't use your phone!)

  • 7 Brain Wars

    Brain Wars

    A concentrating battle app is a great game to play against friends in the same room as you. Solve the puzzles and see which person is the smartest! A bunch of different categories and puzzles to keep you playing all night.

  • 6 Bam fu

    Bam fu

    Kind of like twister put your hands on the correct pebbles. Best played on a tablet screen.

  • 5 Wheel of Drinking

    Wheel of Drinking

    Simply spin the almighty wheel and then do as it says. Take a sip, a shot, who knows what your fate will be. Please drink responsibly!

  • 4 101 Drinking Games

    101 Drinking Games

    A large variety of different mobile app drinking games to play during a party or at a bar. Browse through the list and pick your favorites. Includes dice, cards and more.

  • 3 Spaceteam


    Shout at your phone until your opponents ship is destroy. A very loud game that will have everyone else in the room wondering what the heck you are playing. Remember the drunker you are the more loud you become :)

  • 2 Playing Favorites: A Word TCG

    Playing Favorites: A Word TCG

    Cards Against Humanity style game without the physical cards. Play on your phone as you piece together funny phrases which the judge will pick whose is best.

  • 1 Dehumanize Your Friends!

    Dehumanize Your Friends!

    A party game for horrible people that is cast to the TV. Combine different words and phrases for the best funny outcome! Another app in the Cards Against Humanity genre.

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