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Cards and Castles: Best Decks

Posted 3 years ago in Gaming by Team

Cards and Castles

Another strategy collectable card game app is here in Cards and Castles. We will cover the six factions that you can build decks. We analyze different ways you can master your new favorite app Cards and Castles to give you the best decks and helpful cheats and tips.

  • Best Decks

    Cards and Castles Decks

    Since the game is still in early test phases there are no perfect decks. It is best to learn all of the 6 different factions to master this game.

    Vikings: Awesome attack cards viking decks should focus on brute force attacks and buff cards. Do not over think it, just use your muscles to knock down your opponent.

    Pirates: Pirate cards are full of tricks that will help you gain an advantage over any experienced player. We recommend give these decks a try!

    Ninjas: Sneaky assassins that have a lot of good cards.

    Crusaders: Holy warriors with the gods on their sides. If you played the white cards in Magic the Gathering or Priests in Hearthstone you should play this faction.

    Warlocks: Magic and spells can be cast with Warlock decks. Try agro-warlock for an awesome strategy that will give you a huge advantage over your opponent in the battle field.

    Neutral: Common cards that fit into any deck. Try to collect the best to use in any of your decks.

  • Cheats, Tips & Help

    Cards and Castles Cheats

    There are no reported cheats to the game yet but some helpful tips are to make sure to Capture Towers for more defense and complete all of the in game quests to unlock new games and earn rewards. These two tips will greatly improve your decks and your skills in this new collectable card game.

  • Play online

    You can try it on the app or play here at, play Cards and Castles online.

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